Oklahoma School Folders

FREE HOMEWORK FOLDERS for students - Saving Schools, Teachers and Parent Money

About Us

In 2016 Dr. Brian Perryman started FREE Oklahoma School Folders it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perryman Enterprises, Inc. an Oklahoma-based company. Perryman Enterprises, Inc. focuses its efforts on education in a variety of areas. This company was born out of a need for an honest company to provide materials to schools, primarily homework folders to elementary schools. School budgets do not allow for the expenditure of money for this type item.

We provide area businesses the opportunity to meet this need and promote their business to families of elementary age children. Given that each school has four periods of nine weeks in length or 36 weeks the folder in theory the folder needs to be taken home at least once per week and paperwork in that folder needs to be handled and likely signed. This gives a business at least 36 impressions making the cost per impression just a few cents. 

Dr. Perryman has a heart for education and for students. Perryman has a doctorate in Aviation and Space Education and has continued to teach at the collegiate level over the past 35 years for multiple colleges and universities. Additionally, Perryman taught 6th grade Sunday School for 12 years. Perryman is also a college recruiter and promotes an online Master's degree in Education.

He has owned and operated The Professor-Tutoring since 1989 when he started teaching at Oklahoma State University's Oklahoma City campus. Perryman's extensive background in business and financial services led to opening Federal Direct Tax Services of Oklahoma in 2015. Additionally, Perryman, a licensed Realtor received approval by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission to teach Real Estate courses to new and existing agents.

Perryman Enterprises, Inc. is also the parent company of The Professor-TUTORING and Federal Direct Tax Services of Oklahoma.